5P100x Optical Power Meter


◐ Supports MM model (850nm / 1300nm), SM model (1310nm / 1550nm)
◐ Lightweight at only 250g
◐ Measures up to +23dBm optical power (Power Meter)


The CMA5 series (Optical Light Source / Optical Power Meter) supports measurement of optical power and loss of wavelengths used by MM and SM fiber installations.
 Model  5L83  5L35
 Emitter type  LD  LD
 Wavelength  850 nm/1300 nm ±20 nm  1310/1550 nm ±20 nm
 Output power  -7 dBm(MM fiber)  -7 dBm(SM fiber)
 Spectrum width  <5 nm  <5 nm