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As-510 series

Fuel Cell Impedance Measurement System

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Basic Composition
Fuel Cell Analyzer As-510-4
Impedance Analyzing Unit As-510-IMU
System Software
Multiple ways to measure and evaluate power generation characteristics

High-performance analyzerfor testing various power generation characteristics

Powerful impedance measurement (As-510-IMU required)

Measurement of electrical polarity using cyclic voltammetry (As-510-CVM required)

Revolutionary automatic estimation of internal equivalent circuits (As-510-Z required)

Automated measurement system for improved test reproducibility

The system comprises a fuel cell power generation analyzer, an impedance analyzing unit, and system software. It can simultaneously measure impedance characteristics as well as current and voltage characteristics of a fuel cell’s anode cathode, and reference electrode.This automated measuring system allows detailed analyses of fuel cell internal response processes.

Suitable for testing fuel cells equipped with a reference electrodes.
Provides detailed analysis of fuel cell internal conditions.
Simultaneously measurement of impedance characteristics as well as current and voltage characteristics of anode, cathode, and reference electrode.

Support for a variety of measurements
Measurement of current and voltage characteristics (Tafel plots)
Membrane resistance measurement using current interruption method and step method (PAT.P.)
Impedance measurement (Cole-Cole plots, Bode plots, As-510-IMU required)
Constant current/constant voltage measurement, OCV measurement
Measurement of electrical polarity characteristics using cyclic voltammetry and linear sweep voltammetry (As-510-CVM required)
Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) (As-510-CVM required)

Supports automated sequential testing using sets of tests selected by the user.

System software supports quantitative evaluation and measurement with a high degree of reproducibility.
Control of individual devices
Real-time display of measurement results
Graphical display functions (allows simultaneous display or superimposed display of multiple graphs)
Automated testing program

Fuel cell analyzing software (As-510-Z) is available for more detailed analysis of internal fuel cell conditions.
Automatic equivalent circuit estimation based on impedance measurement results
Analysis of catalyst characteristics based on electrode characteristic measurement results
Fuel Cell Analyzer As-510-4

Capable of evaluatiing fuel cells fitted with many types of resference electrodes.
Supports detailed evaluation and analysis of anode and cathode characteristics.


Equipped with input terminals for three-terminal voltage measurement (+, -, and REF), the As-510-4 can simultaneously measure the voltage between terminals and isolated resistance (IR). It incorporates new circuitry to provide support for a wide variety of reference electrode types.

NF’s exclusive step method supports IR measurement with
high reproducibility, while also supporting the current inter-
ruption method.

When combined with the optional three-terminal impedance measuring unit, the As-510-4 can measure impedance between terminals and supports continuous measurements without having to change connections.

Three ranges (10A, 50A, and 100A), and capacity of up to
20V or 100W.

More precise current and voltage settings and more accurate
measurement provide improved reproducibility.

Compatible with constant-current/constant-voltage operation,
and supports Open Circuit Voltage (OCV) measurement.

Equipped with a GPIB interface.

Main Specifications

Voltage: 0V to 20V
Power: 100W
Current: 10A (low), 50A (mid), and 100A (high)
Current setting accuracy: ±0.05% of full scale max.
(constant-current operation in all ranges)
Current measurement accuracy: ±0.05% of full scale max. (auto range)
Voltage setting accuracy: ±0.5% of set value + ±0.2% of full scale max.
Voltage measurement accuracy: ±0.1% of full scale max.
IR measurement range: 0.0000m&Mac189; to 999.99m&Mac189; (five-digit display)
IR measurement timing: Variable, between 10µs and 1000µs after interruption
Impedance frequency measurement range: 0.1mHz to 50kHz (full range)

System Software
As-510-S4 is a custom software package that handles all aspects of using the fuel cell evaluation system, including control of individual devices, graphical display of measurement results, and storing data.
Supports simultaneous or superimposed
display of multiple graphs.

Trend Graph

Tafel Plot

Cole-Cole Plot


System Requirements

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP Professional
RAM: 256 MB or more (1 GB or more recommended)
Display: SVGA, 1,024 768 pixels and 256 colors or more

GPIB Interface
(Any of the above, all manufactured by National Instruments)
Note: Requires an expansion slot.

For quantitative evaluation of fuel cell characteristics.

This software performs automated equivalent circuit estimation by means of a proprietary algorithm that uses curve fitting on the impedance measurement results. This allows quantitative evaluation and analysis of the fuel cells' internal impedance. It also calculates the catalyst active area with a voltammogram derived from measurements of electrode characteristic. This allows a quantitative assessment of the catalyst activation level. The As-510-Z software provides support for detailed analysis of fuel cell characteristics.

Quantitative evaluation of internal fuel cell impedance using curve fitting and automated equivalent circuit estimation

Analysis of catalyst response, using voltammogram


Performs automated estimation of equivalent circuits from impedance measurement results, with no need for the user to input initial settings.
Also supports estimates based on user-defined models.

Simulates the response of equivalent circuits specified by the user.

Simulates response at different frequencies without actual measurement.

Calculates the catalyst active area via a voltammogram, making possible quantitative assessment of the activation level.

Supports the following circuit elements:
R, L, C, R//C, R//L, R//L//C, Zw, CPE, R.Zw//C, R.CPE//C, R//CPE

As-510-Z System Requirements

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP Professional
CPU: Pentium 800MHz or above
CD-ROM drive: Required for installation
Pointing device: Required
Display: SVGA, 1,024 768 pixels and 256 colors or more

Cell for Analysis As-510-C
The As-510-C is a cell equipped with a reference electrode and supports three-terminal measurement using As-510-4. Any MEA can be bracketed in order to measure its characteristics.